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WCCR media release (letter sent to UN SC members)

The World Council for Cedars revolution issued a letter to UNSC members outlining the issues facing PM Seniora and his responsibility toward the Civil Society of Lebanon.

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution
Representing the hopes and aspirations of many millions of Lebanese throughout the Diaspora

Wednesday 17th of January 2007
Washington Bureau

Media Release

* It’s Time for PM Siniora to Honor His Government’s Responsibilities
* Disarm All the Terrorist Organizations Including Hezbollah
* Stop Illegal Syrian Arms Supplies to Terrorists

The World Council for the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) is extremely concerned at the poor condition and the desperate state of the quality of life currently being experienced by the great majority of the people of Lebanon. Extremely tough economic conditions are proving very testing for the honorable hard working families of Lebanon to be able to survive. This intolerable set of difficulties makes it necessary for every government minister to join in a united endeavor of finding and implementing government policies which would support the people in their efforts for economic survival. Failure by the government to make such an effort would render the government derelict in its responsibilities to generate sufficient levels of commerce, industry and labor market which would ensure a reasonable basis for a dignified standard of existence for the people of Lebanon.

It is almost inconceivable that a government so entrenched in the basic fundamentals of private enterprise, can stand by and watch as the messengers of evil and destruction deliver a deathly blow to the hard working merchants and business community of downtown Beirut. Even in a democracy, with freedoms comes responsibilities. The government’s function is to ensure all its citizens enjoy equal rights and benefits. The tent city in Beirut must be dismantled immediately.
Whilst the World Council for the Cedars Revolution has come out with consistent and strong support for the democratic process, in the hope of establishing stability and some form of normality for the people of Lebanon, it should be clearly understood that support for democracy is not an automatic support for government policy. In fact we see that the government of Lebanon is failing the Lebanese people in other areas of serious consequences, such as the following;

a) We see that the government’s failure or inactivity in disarming all terrorist organizations as an act of careless behavior which in turn keeps the people living on a knife’s edge without the certainty of safety or the knowledge of when and against whom the next attack will take place. It further limits the capability of the UNIFIL to a mere observer with no real powers to assist the government and people of Lebanon of cleaning up the country from the threat of further assassinations of loyal Lebanese members of parliament and other political and business leaders. Such a state is the feeding ground for criminal behavior which could create enormous civil unrest and that, could lead to internal conflict and the fall of this fragile government.

b) We see that the government’s lackluster performance or more appropriately zero performance in curtailing Syria’s ability to continue to smuggle arms illegally to terrorist organizations almost at will, has clearly demonstrated an abrogation of responsibility to preserving Lebanon’s sovereignty and has left the nation rendered at the mercy of its enemies. The Siniora government has at its disposal fifteen thousand international military forces who are awaiting the opportunity of helping the government rid the country from all foreign intervention. When will the government activate this support in the protection of the Lebanese borders with all of Lebanon’s neighbors?

c) The Siniora government appears to be moving towards playing the confessional card. Such a maneuver seems almost certainly designed for the marginalization of one or more of the other confessions on whose shoulders rests the nations delicate stability and balance of peaceful coexistence. That will infuriate an already highly combustible society and will almost certainly drag the Country back into civil war. If the government miscalculates the presence of any mirages of opportunity to take advantage of the people, it will pay a very high price for its greed and opportunism either at the ballot polls or conflict in the streets of Lebanon.

In each of the above categories, the World Council for the Cedars Revolution calls on the Siniora government to act swiftly and decisively in the best interest of the people of Lebanon. The consequences of failure are enormous and the people will not forgive.

For and on behalf of the World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Joseph P Baini