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WCCR Letter to H.E. George W. Bush - Current Middle East Conflict … Hezbollah / Israel / Lebanon

The Cedars Revolution

Tuesday 18th July 2006
Washington Bureau

H.E. George W. Bush
United States of America
White House
Washington DC USA

Re – Current Middle East Conflict … Hezbollah / Israel / Lebanon

Dear President Bush,

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution is outraged at Hezbollah’s continuous and indiscriminate attacks upon the people of Lebanon’s southern neighbor, Israel. These attacks do not in any way represent the mentality, attitude and behavior of the great majority of the people of Lebanon, nor do they reflect the wishes of the current Lebanese government.

The Cedars Revolution has been working in a close relationship and partnership with the United States Government and the United Nations Security Council, seeking means and ways to disarm and disband all terrorist militias in Lebanon in accordance with UNSCR 1559.

We acknowledge that due to the unwarranted and inappropriate attacks by Hezbollah, Israel was compelled to carry out reprisal attacks which have proven to be devastating and most destructive of Lebanon’s infrastructure and economic development.

Our major concern would be if Israel has carried out these attacks simply to satisfy itself in destroying Lebanon’s progressive redevelopment. Given that Israel has gone so far and continues to impose so much destruction on Lebanon and given that it has committed itself before the world to crippling Hezbollah, Palestinian and other terrorist militias, anything less than that would be absolutely unacceptable to the people of Lebanon whose country has been invaded with such intolerable and catastrophic damage.

It would have been much more preferable for Lebanon not to suffer such a war. However, Israel now has an opportunity not to allow this type of conflict to occur again. Any result other than a complete eradication of Terrorist Militias will be deemed a failure and give rise to another conflict in the near future. With enemies such as Iran and Syria holding smaller and defenseless countries like Lebanon to tyranny and control, Hezbollah and other militant terrorist organizations will resurface. The only justification in Israel’s current behavior is to ensure that Lebanon will not again have to suffer the existence of terrorist militias on its sacred soil.
In turn that will go a long way towards ensuring security for Israel and a possible peaceful coexistence in the region, at the very least with Lebanon.

Joseph P Baini